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Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. vic lee joins with us the very latest on the crash and the investigation. >> this has become a staging area across the lagoon from where the plane crashed. it's been towed to this dock. it's hard to see the plane. it's half submerged in this patrol car but the crane over there has lifted the plane cloer to shore so they can remove the bodies. listen to the final moments of the flights. >> these with the final moments of the conversation between control tower and the pilot of the ill-fated plane. >> as i first started moving i heard a plane going into full throttle. >> dan harland just got into his truck as the plan began spiralling down. he works for receiving department of oracle arks cross street from the lagoon. >> these plans pass over this building all the time. full throttle sounds different. >> reporter: harland saw the plane crash into the lagoon. he didn't know it but the voice recorder on the mp 3 player was on. listen to the roar of the engine during the plane's fatal decent. >> he just crashed into the water! a plane just crashed in the water, oh by god, oh, my god! >> the
Sep 10, 2010 5:00pm PDT
're giving us latest they have trying to get crucial information out to victims. we're going to listen in for just a moment. this is christopher hart from ntsb. >> i will now take a few questions. >> okay. christopher hart has been asking for witnesses to come forward for the explosion. >> question is what was my assessment? it was amazing direction the charge trees and area that was completely flattened. melted charred cars and house that's disappeared and it was an amazing scene of destruction. >> were you wanting to talk to residents saying to many of the reporters here that they had smelled gas fumes in the past weeks? is that of interest to you? >> the question is will we be wanting to talk to residents reporting they smelled gas fumes? we'll want to talk to anyone who has information that is potentially per nent to this event. >> that is christopher harts of the national transportation safety board taking questions from the media. one of the things he wanted to know is asking for the public to come forward is there is nflgs f information there. have been reports of a smell of gas
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2